Update from Great Comrade Kim Jong-IL of North Korea 


Global Comrades!

Today there was great success in bringing the Capitalist Pigs to their knees.

The once great USA President William Clinton came to Comrade Kim Jong-Il on his knees to beg for the pathetic lives of the capitalist pig puppets women that we captured spying on our Great Nation of North Korea.

After much begging & pleading and having him watch the Woody Woodpecker Funfest with me for 4 hours straight, I relented and allowed Clinton to know my mercy.  We have pictures Comrades!

Know the Power of Comrade Kim Jong-IL of the great North Korea – threat to the Capitalist Pig Islands of Hawaii.

PS – Please thank Head Comrade In Charge Obama for his much appreciated DVD basket & IPOD loaded with American Idol hits.  Next time, we would like the buttered popcorn.