Release of New State Propaganda 

Comrades!  Today is indeed a wonderful day.

We have released the first shots across the bow of the Angry Mob.  We have removed offensive Angry Mob videos from youtube that depicted the extreme rightwing bus crowds screaming loudly and shrilly at Officials of the State.

We will continue to bombard them with Truthium and Hopium with the assistance of our loyal Media of the State outlets and Loyal Comrade Brad Woodhouse who explains the reality of the Angry Mobs!

“It’s become clear that Republican leaders, having lost every major legislative battle on Capitol Hill, the confidence of the American people and two consecutive national elections, would rather incite angry, special interest funded mobs and disrupt and drown out legitimate discussion of the issues instead of working for real solutions for the American people,” said DNC Communications Director Brad Woodhouse.

“This activity is reminiscent of the manufactured, Republican Congressional staff protests during the Florida election dispute in 2000 and the more recent displays of right wing extremism at McCain-Palin rallies in last year´s election. These acts of mob rule are a direct result of and are being encouraged by Republican leaders who have vowed to ´break´ the President for political gain and who have said that they hope that the President fails. This is the very type of anger and extremism that cost Republicans dearly in 2008 – and it is bound to back fire again.”

Marvel at the wonder of how we will reduce the Angry Mob to sniveling, scurrying, apple-pie-eating robots of our propaganda!

Our Czar of Botax has even forwarded us her personal report and assessment of the Angry Mob!

The Head Comrade In Charge is GIDDY with Delight at the Campaign against the American People the Angry Mob that is a danger to moral and virtuous Comrades everywhere!