The Head Comrade In Charge and the Czars In Charge have been quite aggravated by the displays of the angry mobs that have been appearing in front of Officials of the State demanding truth.  We have given them plenty of Truthium and Hopium and they still raise their loud, shrill voices crying out about those Amendments and Constitution and other nonsense.  We have referred those pesky Amendments to our Ways&Means Czar who will form a Committee in conjunction with the Propaganda Czar and the Douchebaggery&Heartland Czar.  We are also currently interviewing interested Comrades for the Angry Mob Czar position.  If Comrade Hitler does not step up his game, he will not be vetted.

To our Compliant Comrades, we say, Do Not Worry.  Hopium and Truthium will soon reign in this great land of Amerika.  The Right Wing Extremists with their guns and bibles and traitorous  speech of Patriotism and Apple Pies will soon be silenced.  We have provided Talking Points to our State Media and the distraction and slandering of these traitors has begun.

Please note that the following displays fall well out of the State guidelines for processed Comrades.  If it continues, we will be forced to increase the media appearances of the Head Comrade in Charge to 3 pressers per day.

It is every good Comrades role to observe these angry mobs and take photos to be processed through facial recognition software.  DO NOT APPROACH THE ANGRY MOBS.  But of course, since most of them have only 12 people at most, there is no real cause for public alarm.  It is not as if the Angry Mob ever numbers in the hundreds…or thousands…or tens of thousands…or more.  Just not possible.

We also anticipate that as soon as we are able to cut off the Lobbyists that are paying them and disable the buses that the Evil Insurance Companies are filling with these angry mobs, the traitorous activity will cease.  It is not as if anyone would behave that way for free.  The Lobbyists for the Right have quite obviously paid them to manufacture this outrage.  We know this due to the large amount of the angry mob that is wearing Brooks Brothers suits.  *Reassuring Hearty Comrade Laugh*