A Big Day for America ! Comrade Harry Reid Celebrates Job Loss!

It is with Celebratory Golf Claps and Champagne in Chambers that Kinda-Sorta-Thinks-He-Is-Leader Comrade Harry Reid unveiled his big announcement today:

“Today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good,” Reid said Friday on the Senate floor.

We will pause while all Loyal Comrades assume the position of facing East to the White House to celebrate another success in the Agenda of the Head Comrade In Charge!  SALUTE YOUR LEADERS, LOYAL COMRADES!

It is the Philosophy of the Head Comrade In Charge and Those Who Obey Him No Matter The Cost that more and more Comrades will be assimilated through this Job Loss Program.  A BIG DAY INDEED!

We are announcing a very special treat to continue the Celebration of the Big Day for America!  All Loyal Comrades in the area may attend the White House Job Loss Picnic tomorrow – the Head Comrade in Charge has diverted Stimulus funds to spring for KoolAid and Weenies!

For those who cannot attend – You may report to the local ACORN Center to receive your Special Treat Ration of Government Tofu to celebrate the Job Loss Success at home with your families!

This Tofu is sponsored by the First Lady to the Head Comrade in Charge and the Newly Appointed Fatty Czar!  Because State Sponsored Celebrations should only be fun when the cameras are rolling!

All Loyal Comrades are ordered to enjoy themselves!

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