Operation Reality Check

Welcome Comrades!

We are so pleased to announce the launch of our new disinformation campaign…OPERATION REALITY CHECK!

As many of our Steadfast Comrades are aware, Our Head Comrade in Charge and the Czars have been under attack these past few weeks from the Angry Mob and the evil Capitalists that are funding their dissent.  In astonished disbelief, We have watched as these evil mongererererers have shouted at our Czars and other Allegiant Representatives of the Head Comrade in Charge as We bring them the Truthium and Hopium that is our gift to all Amerikans as we attempt to process them into Comrades.  These militant crazy rightwing extremists are attempting to discredit all of the assistance that we wish to bring to them.  Even though there are only 20 of them, We feel confident that We will be able to silence them with our REALITY CHECK.

We are moving forward with many of rigorous tasks before us, such as matching pictures of Angry Mobsters from Townhalls with emails that we are currently storing in the Database of the State, consulting with the State Media on new terms for the Angry Mob (Pestiferous had the top vote most recently), and arranging for a new fleet of purple buses to be used to spread more Truthium and Hopium.  This Angry, Pestiferous Mob will be defeated and they will soon be blinded by our Head Comrade in Charge’s abilities to read off the teleprompter!  Our Head Comrade in Charge has been especially brilliant at reading the answers to all of the intensive questioning at his Public Adoration Meetings!  Soon, the evil pestilence of the Angry Mob will be stomped out by the Charisma of the Head Comrade in Charge.  One only has to look upon the face of the Angry Mob to understand the danger that they are posing.


For those Allegiant Comrades that stand with us, will give you as much rationed healthcare for as not really free as you can handle or until you develop a an illness at any age over 50.  We are committed to maintaining the health of Amerika as long as the cost is not too high or until we run out of physicians! Taxes Healthcare for all!  (allow time for Loyal Comrades to cheer)

Since we are in Reality Check mode, there are a few points that we would like to check for you!

  • Our Deathcare Czar Sebelius did not say that the public option was off the table.  You did not hear that and she is now back on her medication and we do not anticipate any further outbursts.
  • Co-ops are not the same as public option – they are just a longer term strategy in order for us to display that the healthcare system is not working and enable us to convene an emergency State vote and nationalize the entire healthcare industry.  So you see dear Comrades that believe everything that we say to you, co-ops are not a public option!
  • There are no Death Panels – (hearty Comrade laugh) – Indeed, they are LIFE panels!  They will be focusing on the important things like at which age a Comrade is no longer alive, how much a life costs per year and what conditions are prohibitive to life so they are LIFE PANELS!
  • As Cuba is a partner State that offers extraordinary healthcare and as they are only 90 miles away, one of our costsaving measures will be to simply send Floridians to Cuba for their healthcare!  Think of the money that can be saved if all we have to pay for is a roundtrip ticket to Cuba!  The Head Comrade in Charge has also approved an addendum to this part of the bill,, indicating that the State will pay for either a Comrade or the body of the Comrade to be returned to Amerikan soil.
  • We are currently negotiating with Mexico and Canada to offer our other states the same luxury of crossing the borders to take advantage of the wonderful healthcare systems that surround us!
  • For those in the Heartland, not to worry!  We will be offering you the same superawesome health care that the State is currently providing to Native Americans and Vets.  Cough Syrup is also now an approved best practice for Congestive Heart Failure.

Yes, Comrades!  These are just a few of the REALITY CHECKS that we will be providing for you over the next few weeks!  Be sure to check back often to see what the State mandated thought of the day will be!

The Head Comrade in Charge will be broadcasting directly to your computers to share his message of Truthium and Hopium soon!  No need to sign in as we already have all computers and IP addresses on record!  Until then,  be well Comrades and fight the radical unamerican rightwing crazies at every opportunity!