Attack of the State is SUCCESS

Comrades!  We have successfully launched an attack at the well-dressed and Angry Mob and the Head Comrade In Charge is so giddy with delight that he had to take a calmative (government issued & high quality of course).  Allow me to share with my Comrades the multiple hits that we have landed to date:

  • We have brought a Leader of the Angry Mob to his knees – American Liberty Alliance who fills Comrades to be’s heads with nonsense about Liberty and Freedom was hacked by our Comrade Geek Squad.  He dared to attempt to organize on that Capitalist Tool, Facebook as “The People’s Mob” – almost 2000 Rightwing Extremists flocked to join him just last night, possibly to organize shopping trips to prepare for future disruption of our State Meetings!
  • We will not allow this Angry Mob to organize!  Our Comrade Geek Squad also has attacked the Capitalist Tools of Facebook and…Twitter in an effort to ferret out that #fishy group!  This plan has been tabled tho as the Head Comrade In Charge was a bit miffed that his Twitterberry was not working properly.  But fear not, Comrades – we will take them down in #tcot!
  • Our Most Loyal State Organizations are entering the fracas against the Angry Mob – with many years of intimidation and thug tactics behind them, we feel sure that they will crush these loud, shrill and nefarious alleged Patriots.   Here is the notice that we have sent out: “The DNC has also recruited labor goons to police the town halls.
    The Huffington Post reported, via LG Links:
    The nation’s largest federation of labor organizations has promised to directly engage with boisterous conservative protesters at Democratic town halls during the August recess.

    In a memo sent out on Thursday, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney outlined the blueprint for how the union conglomerate would step up recess activities on health care reform and other topics pertinent to the labor community. The document makes clear that Obama allies view the town hall forums as ground zero of the health care debate. It also uses the specter of the infamous 2000 recount “Brooks Brothers” protest to rally its members to the administration’s side.
    “The principal battleground in the campaign will be town hall meetings and other gatherings with members of Congress in their home districts,” reads the memo. “We want your help to organize major union participation to counter the right-wing “Tea-Party Patriots” who will try to disrupt those meetings, as they’ve been trying to do to meetings for the last month. …
    (Remember the hooligans – many of them Republican Congressional staff – who harassed Florida vote counters in 2000? We can’t let that happen again!).”
    A showdown between unions and grassroots conservative organizations could make for an August full of fireworks, with even more dysfunctional town hall meetings. The AFL-CIO is planning to target 50 “high priority districts,” in addition to organizing telephone town hall gatherings.”

We will provide updates throughout the day…